Un climbed Peaks of Nepal

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Unclimbed Peaks of Nepal

1 Mt.Amphu  Gyabien 5647m). Mahalangur Solukhumbu Ktm-Lukla-Namche-Tangboche-Dingboche-BC

2 Mt.Amphu I 6840m) Mahalangur Solukhumbu Ktm-Lukla-Namche-Tangboche-Dingboche-BC

3 Mt.Anidesh chuli 6960m) Kanchenjunga Taplejung Ktm-Taplejung-Ghunsa-BC

4 Mt.Chabuk (Tsajirip) 6960m) Kanchenjunga Taplejung Ktm-Taplejung-Dovan-Nilung-Sojang-Ghunsa-BC

5 Mt. Chago 6893m) Mahalangur Solukhumbu Ktm-Lukla-Thangna-West col-Sherpani ColMakalu-BC

6 Mt.Chandi Himal 6096m) Chandi Himal Humla Ktm-Nepalgunj-Humla-BC

7 Mt.Chaw Peak 6404m) Kanchanjunga Janak Ktm-Taplejung-Pamta-Yamjin-BC

8 Mt. Chhochenphu Himal 6260m) Kanchanjunga Janak Ktm-Taplejung-Sekhthung-BC

9 Mt.Chota Ri 6934m) Khumbu Himal Solukhumbu Ktm-Lukla-Thang Na-Amphu Laptse-BC

10 Mt.Dazaney (DzanayePeak) 6710m) Kanchanjunga Taplejung Ktm-Taplejung-Lonak-Lonak Glacier-BC

11 Mt.Dhaulagiri 6632m) Saipal Bhajang Ktm-Nepalgunj-Bajhang-Bajura-BC

12 Mt.Dogari Himal 6536m) Dhaulagiri Dhaulagiri Ktm-Beni-Darbanr-Muna-Gurja Gaon-BC

13 Mt.Ek Rate Dada 6312m) Makalu Shankhuwasava Ktm-Lukla-Merala-Thanang-BC

14 Mt.Fimkof 6697m) Saipal Bajhang Ktm-Bajhang-Dulu-BC

15 Ganesh VI 6480 Ganesh Gorkha Ktm-Gorkha-Arughat-Dovan-BC

16 Mt.Ghustung North (6529m) Dhaulagiri Dhaulagiri Ktm-Beni-Darbang-Gurja Gaon-BC

17 Mt.Gorkha Himal 6092m) Mahalangur Solukhumbu Ktm-Lukla-Mera la-Sherpani Col-Makalu-BC

18 Mt.Hongde 6556m). Damodar Mustang Ktm-Pokhara-Jomsom-French Pass- Hongde-BC

19 Mt.Hongde 6556m) Mukut Mustang Ktm-Pokhara-Marpha-Thapa Pass-BC

20 Mt.Hongu (SuraPeak) 6764m) Mahalangur/makalu Chamlang/ Makalu Ktm-Lukla-Merala-Hongu-BC


 21 Mt.Hunku 6119m) Mahalangur Solukhumbu Ktm-Tumlingtar-Numsedewa-BC

 22 Mt.Jomsom Himal 6581m) Damodar Mustang Ktm-Pokhara-Jomsom-Lomangthang-BC or Via Manang

 23 Mt. Kalo Parbat 5419m) Mukut Himal Dhaulagiri Ktm-Pokhara-Jomsom-Muktinath-BC

24 Mt. Kambong Peak 6570m) Dhaulagiri Dhaulagiri  BC

25 Mt. Kande Hiunchuli 6627m) Patrasi Karnali Ktm-Jumla-Talpe-Chaubise Khola-BC

 26 Mt.Kanjerawa 6612m) Kanjiroba Karnali Ktm-Dunai-Ringmo(Phoksundo)-BC

27 Mt.Kanti Himal 6859m) Kanti Mugu Ktm-Nepalgunj-Mugu-BC

28 Mt.Khangri West 6773m) Mahalangur Sagarmatha Ktm-Lukla-Din Kharkha-BC

29 Mt. Khayan 6186m) Mansiri Gandaki Ktm-Besisahar-Dharapani-Dovan Khola-BC

30 Mt.Khiurikala 5806m) Saipal Bajhang Ktm-Bajhang-Dulu-BC

31 Mt.Khumjung 6699m) Damodar Mustang Ktm-Da Kharkha-Jomsom-Lomangtang-Bc

 32 Mt.Kokthang 6148m) Kanchanjunga Singalila Ktm-Taplejung-Yamphudin-BC

33 MtKumbatse 6639m) Mahalangur Solukhumbu Ktm- Lukla-Namche-Pumori Bc

34 Mt.Kyungya Ri 2 6506m) Langtang Bagmati Ktm-Dhunche-Kyanjing-Langsisha Kharka-BC

35 Mt.Lachama chuli 6721m) Changla Himal Karnali

36 Mt.Lanpo Peak 6965m) Kanchanjunga Janak Ktm-Taplejung-Ghunsa-Pemetemba-BC

37 Mt.Lhayul Peak 6397m) Api Himal Humla Ktm-Nepalgunj-Humla-BC

38 Mt. Linku Chuli1 (Pig Pherago Shar) 6719m) Mahalangur Rolwaling Ktm-Charikot-Beding-BC

39 Mt.Linku Chuli2 (Pig Pherago Nup) 6659m) Mahalangur Rolwaling Ktm-Charikot-Beding-BC

40 Mt.Lintren 6713m) Mahalangur Solukhumbu Ktm-Lukla-Mera La-WestCol-Sherpani ColMakalu BC


41 Mt.Loshar I 6930m) Kanchenjunga Taplejung Ktm-Taplejung-Ghunsa-Lonak-Tshima Glacier-BC

42 Mt.Loshar II 6860m) Kanchenjunga Taplejung Ktm-Taplejung-Ghunsa-Lonak-Tshima Glacier-BC

43 Mt.Lumba Sumba 5670m) Kanchenjunga Taplejung Ktm-Taplejung-Tshima Glacier-BC

44 Mt.Luza Peak 5726m) Mahalangur Taplejung Ktm-Lukla-Namche-Dole-Luza-BC

45 Mt.Mariyang 6528m) Kanjiroba Karnali

46 Mt. MDM Peak 6270m) Kanchenjunga Taplejung Ktm-Taplejung-Ghunsa-Lonak-Tshima Glacier-BC

47 Mt.Mojka Peak 6032m) Kanchenjunga Taplejung Ktm-Taplejung-Ghunsa-Lonak-Tshima Glacier-BC

48 Mt.Nagpai Gosum III( 7110m) Mahalangur Solukhumbu Ktm-Lukla-Namche-Thame-BC

49 Mt.Nampa 6755m) Gurans Mahakali Ktm-Baitadi-Chamelikhbla-Ghusa-BC

50 Mt.Nampa II 6700m) Gurans Darchula/Bajhang Ktm-Nepalgunj-Bhajang-Darchula-BC

51Mt.Nampa III 6618m)Gurans Darchula/Bajhang Ktm-Nepalgunj-Bhajang-Darchula-BC

52 Mt.Nampa, South 6580m) Byas-Rikhi Darchula/Bajhang Ktm-Nepalgunj-Baitadi-Chameli Khola-Ghusa-BC

53 Mt. Nar Phu 5748m) Peri Gorkha Ktm-Gorkha-Arughat-Sama Gaon-BC

54 Mt.Panalotapa 6687m) Mahalangur Rolwaling Ktm-Charikot-Simi Gaon-BC

55 Mt.Pandra 6850m) Kanchanjunga Taplejung Ktm-Taplejung-Ghunsa-Lunak-Tshima Glacier-BC

56 Mt.Panpoche 1 (Pang Phunch) 6620m) Mansiri Gandaki Ktm-Arughat-Sama Gaon-BC

57 Mt.Panpoche 2 (Pang Phunch) 6504m) Mansiri Gandaki Ktm-Arughat-Sama Gaon-BC

58 Mt.Pashuwo 6177m) Langtang Gandaki Ktm-Syabrubesi-Langtang Valley-BC

59 Mt.Patrasi 6450m) Patrasi Karnali Ktm-Lukla-Merala-Hunku Glacier-BC

60 Mt.Peak 4 (6736m)Mahalangur/Makalu Chamlang/Makalu Ktm-Lukla-Thang Na-Amphu Laptse-BC


61Mt. Peak 43 6779m) Mahalangur Solukhumbu Ktm-Lukla-Thang Na-Amphu Laptse-BC

62 Mt.Phole 6645m) Kanchenjunga Taplejung Ktm-Taplejung-Ghunsa-Pandra Glacier-BC

63 Mt.Phu Kang 6694m) Peri Himal Manang Ktm-Besisahar-Dhara Pani-Phu-BC

64 Mt.Punchen Himal 6049m) Mansiri Gandaki Ktm-Besisahar-Dharapani-Dovan Khola-BC

65 Mt.Rokapi 5467m) Saipal Bhajang Ktm-Nepalgunj-Bhajang-Bajura-BC

66 Mt.Romaopen Peak 5407m) Saipal Bhajang Ktm-Nepalgunj-Bhajang-Bajura-BC

67 Mt.Rothong 6682m) Kanchanjunga Singalila Ktm-Taplejung-Yamphudin-Ramche-BC

68 Mt.Sat Peak 6220m) Kanchenjunga Taplejung Ktm-Taplejung-Ghunsa-Lonak-Tshima Glacier-BC

69 Mt.Shantishikhar 7591m) Mahalangur Sagarmatha Khumbu Ktm-Lukla-Imja Valley-Chhukung-BC

70 Mt.Sharphu I 7070m) Kanchenjunga Taplejung Ktm-Taplejung-Dovan-Nilung-Sojang-Ghunsa-BC

71 Mt.Sharphu II 6154m) Kanchenjunga Taplejung Ktm-Taplejung-Dovan-Nilung-Sojang-Ghunsa-BC

72 Mt.Sharphu III 6885m) Kanchenjunga Taplejung Ktm-Taplejung-Dovan-Nilung-Sojang-Ghunsa-BC

73 Mt.Sharphu IV 6433m) Kanchenjunga Taplejung Ktm-Taplejung-Dovan-Nilung-Sojang-Ghunsa-BC

74 Mt.Sharphu V 6328m) Kanchenjunga Taplejung Ktm-Taplejung-Dovan-Nilung-Sojang-Ghunsa-BC

75 Mt.Sharphu VI 6076m) Kanchenjunga Taplejung Ktm-Taplejung-Dovan-Nilung-Sojang-Ghunsa-BC


76 Mt.Sherson (Peak 3) 6422m)Mahalangur/ makalu Chamlang/

Makalu Ktm-Tumlingtar-Num-Yangri Kharka-BC

77Mt. Sobitongie 6670m) Kanchenjunga Taplejung Ktm-Taplejung-Ghunsa-Pandra Glacier-BC

78 Mt.Surma-Sarovar, North 6523m) Surma Saravar Lekh Bajhang Ktm-Nepalgunj-Bajhang-Dulu-BC

79 Mt.Takphu Himal 6395m) Nalakankar Karnali Ktm-Nepalgunj-Simikot-Kerimi-BC

80 Mt.Taple Sikhar (CrossPeak) 6341m) Kanchenjunga Taplejung Ktm-Taplejung-Tapethok-Ghunsa-Kambachen -BC

81 Mt.Tilje 5697m)Peri Manang Ktm-Numre-Koto-Nar-Phu-BC

82 Mt.Tilkang 6369m) Nalakankar Karnali Ktm-Nepalgunj-Simikot-Kerimi-Muchu-BC

83 Mt.Tso Karop Kang 6556m) Kanjibora Humla Ktm-Nepalgunj-Humla-BC

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My country Nepal

Nepal is a very beautiful country. It is also a landlocked country. China lies in the east side of the country. Likewise, India in west, north and south. It lies in the northern hemisphere. Our country has three geographical zones. They are Himalayan, Mountainous and Terai. Here, we have monsoon climate. It is very cold and dry during winter. And hot, stormy and rainy in summer. Furthermore, it is rich in natural beauty and resources. Here are long and wide rivers. Such as Koshi, Gandaki, Karnali, etc. Moreover, here are large lakes also. Like Rupa, Begnas, Rara, etc. Likewise, we have green valleys, lovely water falls, etc. Similarly, it is rich in religious and historical heritages. Lumbini, Gorkha, Janakpur, Kathmandu are the famous examples.

Nepal is highly diverse country. And has rich geography, culture, and religions. The mountainous north has many mountains. It includes eight of the world’s ten highest mountains. This also includes the highest  mountain Sagarmatha. It is known as Mount Everest in English. The fertile and humid south is heavily urbanized. It contains over 240 peaks. They are more than 20,000 ft. (6,096 m) above sea level.

People of many castes and religions live here. About hundred languages are spoken  here. Our popular foods are dal bhat, dhindo, gundurk etc. Similarly, Dashain, Tihar, Lhosar, Id etc. They are the most popular festivals. We celebrate these festivals very happily. Most  of the people are farmers. They grow rice, corn, wheat, millet, potato etc. Some people in the cities are businessmen also.  Likewise, some have industries. Therefore, people living here are very laborious.

Nepal is rich in natural resources. So, tourists love to visit our country. They can see endangered birds and animals here. Also, they can enjoy natural beauty. So, tourism is our potential industry.

Nepal is small but rich in natural resources. Although it is poor by economic condition. Nepal is developing country. To develop soon,  we have to aware all the citizen. We must provide education equally. To both men and women. Government should bring advance program. This may help citizen in development process. And, provide different facilities to citizen. And it’ll give benefit to citizen. Finally, it’ll help the  government also.

Nepal is a beautiful country. So, we have to publish it all over the world. And it’ll help to attract tourist. In this way, we can control our economic condition. Therefore, we can achieve success by developing our strengths. face book

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